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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mad God : pt4

The Pit: 240x in 7hrs.... couldn't see a thing, staring into the LED light held by the puppet was like staring into that light the Eye Dr. uses to see the backside of your eyeball. ya know the one where they say, " look at my left ear and the light-bar burns into the corner of your vision and it feels like your staring just to the side of the sun on a snow pack field?
none the less the feeling of being lost in a giant cavern, slowly moving thru a curious and impossible environment was mesmerizing. the time just slipped by as frame by frame the Assassin crept forward.

the Assassin and me.

this is more like what it looked like on the Set.... DARK!

Had to go Old School and shoot using surface guages because all i could see on the Frame Grabber was 10 pixels of a white spot that was the Assassin's Torch-

Got to shoot this one with Jim Apperle!!! he did the lighting and the camera move.

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