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Thursday, May 17, 2012

MADGOD: KickStarter

So we Launched the KickStarter Site today for MADGOD.. sweet!. so i thought i'd add to the "behind the scenes" images for people to check out. This project is like no other. It's more Alchemical, spontaneous, accidental, for better or worse it's unique. but words are boring... here's stuff to look at
sometimes my kids get trapped at the Studio while we work, Phil gives them quarters for the snack machine, and they draw...sometimes i pay them a nickel for every army man they melt !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am almost all the way done with "the TEST" animation. i am up to around 1400x frames without a cut. I should wrap it next weekend i hope. it is definitley the longest single shot i've ever done.

MAD GOD pt.5

Rattled off another 200 plus frames again the other weekend... i don't even remember which. The Dark Tale continues, (and when say dark i mean i can't see a thing!) it's amazing how the Digital cameras these days can shoot in virtual darkness and still get a great exposure while animating in a literal cave!