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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mad God: update 3

Blaring the Soundtrack to "The Fountain" and Ennio Morricone, we dance out a few more shots, WWII BlitzKrieg Cannons, Search Lights, and tiny tiny Guards in tiny towers, pointing tiny fingers and "Fire!"...

Phil Tippett and Gibby-

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mad God : update 2

For those out there still over analyzing, over thinking, squeezing the proverbial pencil to tight, the MG crew rattled off another couple shots. We were graced with Dennis Muren on this shoot. He swept in and in about 30min. had a set a few lights found an apple box and set down to animate some Search Lights, no fuss, what a talent, said he hadn't shot a frame in something like 25yrs. and he rattled off a shot, perfect, NO RESHOOTs ! i love that guy...

Dennis Muren, Hans Brekke, cMo,..

Hans and Dennis