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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Laundry Day: The Rise of Lloigor

week 12 animation. In a world run by Evil and the Hopeless have no hope, when a Shadow is cast across the Land, where a Hero must step forward there can Be Only ONE .... Victor. LAUNDRY DAY!

...but who is who, ???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laundry: in Progress

well, it's another epic premise for a 6-10hr piece. hopefuly i can pull it out of the bag for a neat little gag...

Still i Remain: Like a Fish Out of Water

Here is another short film i did LONG ago. I shot it on s8mm on a home made down shooter i made in my loft. (i cut a hole in the second floor's floor and mounted the camera on a tripod and tied the tripod to anchors i screwed into the floor). So for weeks i had to step over the tripod while going about my business! anyway, it is all paper cut outs (Artwork inspired by and done by David Ryan) on 2 planes of glass held up by saw-horses and lite by 8$ clip on lights. Again the music was done by Blaise Smith, (i should hook up a link to that freakin' genius's website soon!)

Ball vs. Wall : Bad Planning

"The Best laid plans go so so wrong". I wanted to do something, anything that used 3D space rather than always playing things perpendicular to the camera. It's amazing how hard it is and equally as surprising what you can get away with. I joke with my friends about how horrible each frame or drawing is but in motion it sort of flows together. i gotz to start drawing better...!

The Swing: or Consequences

Ok this one took 2 weeks. i posted a work in progress, but decided to just keep the Finished piece up. I'm still in the mode of "doodle fast and try 1 new button a week" . This week was trying to use a "symbol" instead of drawing every frame (look at the Swing).
.. so i'm already falling short of my 52 animations... nuts

Ice Cream

Just a quicky, but it wasn't as "quicky" as i thought it would be

Home Coming : Uh Oh, here they come

A nightly Ambush routine i endure. Not that i don't love it, well maybe sometimes not so much. I am discovering i approach FLASH the same way i approach Stop Motion animation, "straight ahead, frame by frame" with very little going back. It is not really the best way to work, i am going to "try" that more 2D approach of Key Poses and then Breakdowns... it's kinda antithetical to what my hand wants to do.

Boneless: the defiance

3rd Animation down, 49 more to go. A child's Best Defense Mechanism against doing anything it doesn't want to do, Go BONELESS...


Using my kids as inspiration i made it thru a second week of FLASH. there is no weight in this and it's kinda small but i'm still learning where and what the software can do and how to set things up.

Work Work Work...

My very first FLASH animation. start FAIL, start FAIL, Finish. it's almost like the "real life"?! in an effort to have fun with animation again and try to actually follow thru on a New Years Resolution (which i never make because i never DO) i will start the year trying to do an Animation a Week. ("i'll believe it when i see it" says the peanut gallery). So here's the Start...

The Hunger Artist pt.1

To start this thing off i FINALLY, after all these years, got off my lazy ^#*&$)#&_*!@#^ and posted my Short Film, The Hunger Artist. It took 4yrs, on and off, as i still had to earn money. It won many awards and did pretty well over all out there in the Festival Circuit world. I did the whole thing cradle to grave in my warehouse, but i had great help from Frank Petzold, Shawn Brennan, and Blaise Smith (who did the fantastic sound track).

you can find the whole thing on youtube or my youtube site under Hodiigeth.

The Start:

Well all you Lowlier than Holys out there. I am splitting off my Animation work from my old Blog Site , it seems i need to organize my disparate personalities into a less 'hunt and peck middle mouse scroll' interface.
So for now all my Animation ramblings and efforts will be posted in this new shiny Blog and my Art/Decay will stay at "Downtime". Someday i will master the world of the interweb and harness it's vastness for my purposes. Until then i will stumble along creating multiple Me's.

yours obtusely,