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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tucker's Lost Things

week 20 animation- these are drawings Tucker did in 1st grade. She was doing her "small moments" writing exercises and drawing a little moment from her week that she could remember , she drew these and then wrote out, "When i was looking for my Muchch" (Mun-Chi-Chi doll).

what a cutie...


  1. God, I love this site---really look forward to each week's posts!

    Wondering how you did this one. Did you scan and import the original artwork? It looks like you're using symbols too. Would love to hear the process.


  2. in this case i stole Tucker's drawings and scanned them in, but then re-drew them in Flash so they would be Vector based. i experimented with the Bone Tool again (for the little "ice-cream cone scuttle in") but i didn't use any Symbols. It's mostly just straight ahead drawing and using the Free Transform Tool (which is pretty frustrating because it has a tendency to change the Lines as you mush the drawings around).
    Glad you like the stuff, i'm never to sure if anyone is seeing any of this stuff, i mostly do it for myself, and well , my kids get a kick out of it since it's mostly about them...